Editing services, including proofreading, copy-editing, and developmental editing.

Use our online portal to submit the document(s) to be edited.

Enter the number of words in your unedited document as the number of units to purchase (e.g., if your document is 5,000 words, purchase 5,000 units)



In-depth editing including all services covered by basic proofreading, plus editing for style, clarity, and development.

Copyediting services are provided at a rate of 3ยข per word of the original text.

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250 Words, 500 Words, 750 Words, 1,000 Words, 1,500 Words, 2,000 Words, 2,500 Words, 3,000 Words, 3,500 Words, 4,000 Words, 5,000 Words, 6,000 Words, 7,500 Words, 8,000 Words, 10,000 Words, 12,500 Words, 15,000 Words, 20,000 Words, 25,000 Words, 30,000 Words, 35,000 Words, 40,000 Words, 45,000 Words, 50,000 Words, 65,000 Words, 75,000 Words, 100,000 Words, 200,000 Words


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