Ghostwriting/ Contract Writing


Creation of an original written work of fiction or non-fiction.

Enter the number of pages desired for the contracted work. If calculating by the word, a page is worth 250 words (i.e., 1,000 words = 4 pages).

Be sure to submit documentation or instructions for the project through our submission portal.



Contract me for original fiction or non-fiction for your use or for inclusion in a collection.

Fees are determined by word count and document length, based on a rate of $25 per 250 words/1 page. Please purchase the number of pages you seek to contract for.

Please note that I DO NOT accept Contract Writing work that is intended to be passed off as original academic work. If you are a student and struggling with a writing project, I am happy to help you develop your ideas into an acceptable written form but I will not do your homework for you.


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